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Learn Basic concepts to help you learn how to play this instrument and be on your way to more advanced lessons. Most beginner guitar players usually start learning with an acoustic guitar. This is a great choice mainly because of the accessibility of the instrument. You don't need to buy amps, chords or any electronic gadgets to get started. All you need is the guitar, your fingers and a willingness to learn.

Types of Acoustic Guitars

There are a few different types of acoustic guitars to suit your needs. The Most common ones are the Six String Guitar, 12 String Guitar and the Classical Guitar.

  • Acoustic Traditional Six String - This type of acoustic guitar is the most common guitar. Basically this is a six string steel guitar that is the most widely used.

    Acoustic Six String

  • 12 String Acoustic Guitar - this type of guitar has 12 strings. Each bass string has another string that is usually tuned an octave higher. The bass string and the octave string are played in unison to give a full unique sound.

    12 String Acoustic

  • Classical Guitar - This type of guitar uses nylon strings for a different sound. These strings are typically easier on your fingers that a standard steel string acoustic guitar.

    Classical Guitar

The beauty of learning how to play an acoustic guitar is that there are a variety of ways to play it. Some common ways to play it are by strumming with your thumb, using a pick or using your fingers in a picking pattern style.

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Beginners often find that picking up an acoustic guitar and what to learn first can be a daunting task. The most frustrating thing for a beginner is to get your fingering correct on the strings to make a chord. If you really want to build up your finger strength, we suggest that you try guitar finger training exercises to help you.

As with most things in life, people want instant results and learning acoustic guitar is no exception. Learning the basic guitar chords is the easiest way to start to put a basic song together. The most common guitar chords are the G, C, F and D. From the illustrations below, you can see the fingering and where to put your fingers on the strings to get the correct chord:

G Chord Fingering
Learn G Chord

C Chord Fingering
Learn C Chord

F Chord Fingering
Learn F Chord

D Chord Fingering
Learn D Chord

Once you start to get comfortable with the fingering of these basic chords, try playing them in different sequences to get comfortable with chord changes. After learning some of these basic techniques you can start to put a basic song together.

Putting A Basic Acoustic Song Together

Now that you know a few chords, you can now start playing basic songs with the chords that you have learned. This example is the beginning sequence of the song "Uncle John's Band" by the Grateful Dead. This sequence is really simple to learn and it's just three of the most common acoustic guitar chords: G, D, C. This is the pattern:

Click button to listen and play along:

As you can see, with a few simple guitar chords you can easily start playing some basic songs.

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