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Guitar Gift Ideas

Guitar Gift

Do you know somebody that plays guitar or wants to learn how to play the guitar? A guitar related gift might be a great option. The holidays and special days are always around the corner:

  • Birthdays
  • Father's Day
  • Graduation
  • Christmas
  • Chanukah
  • Thanksgiving

It's always difficult to find the right present for somebody, but if that person plays the guitar, the ten guitar gift ideas listed below are great options for men, women or children.

In addition, before purchasing a present, it is a good idea to get the skill level of the player to make sure the gift matches up with their skill level.

  1. Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar

    Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar is the ideal gift for a beginner guitar player. It is the most comprehensive learning guitar series out there and it comes packed with everything you need to learn the basics to more advanced guitar playing techniques.

    This package is the winner of the Acoustic Guitar Magazine ‘Players' Choice’ Award, two Telly Awards, and an AEGIS Award for Excellence in Education.

    This is what it includes:

    • 20 professionally filmed DVDs in HD with over 40 hours of instruction.
    • 5 Jam-Along CDs.
    • 100+ page lesson book.
    • Unlimited access to our online student support site.

    CLICK HERE To Check Out Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar

  2. Jam Play

    Jam Play is a great resource for learning the guitar and building guitar skills. It is the leading online video lesson site for guitar so you will have everything you need at the tip of your fingers. It is a great product for beginners and people who want to improve their skill level.

    This is just some of what is included in this package:

    • 3,599 Lessons in HD
    • 54 Pro Instructors
    • Live Lessons, Daily
    • Much more...

    CLICK HERE To Check Out Jam Play

  3. Learn & Master Blues Guitar

    Another great guitar gift is Learn & Master Blues Guitar. This is one of the best blues guitar learning systems out there. It is great for beginner to advanced blues guitar players and will walk you step by step through learning blues guitar. Included in this package is:

    • 6 DVDs of over 8 hours of practical instruction
    • Jam-Along DVD & CD with over 20 songs in various styles for practice
    • In-depth interviews with legendary blues guitarists Jack Pearson & Johnny Hiland
    • Downloadable book & access to our online support community
    • Easy to follow on-screen music and key ideas
    • Essential blues guitar techniques explained thoroughly and simply

    As you can see this is a great package for learning the blues guitar. CLICK HERE for more information about the Learn & Master Blues Guitar package.

    Blues Guitar

  4. Guitar Jewelry by Imperial Rose Collections

    A company by the name of Imperial Rose Collections can create guitar jewelry to give your guitar a unique look. They can make custom designs to your specifications and can add them on any part of your guitar. These designs will definitely make your guitar stand out. To see more of their guitar jewelry CLICK HERE. To contact Imperial Rose Collections directly check out their website by CLICKING HERE.

    Guitar Jewelry

  5. Riffmaster Pro

    The Riffmaster Pro is another great gift for guitar enthusiasts. This piece of software can literally slow down your favorite songs so that you can hear them at a very slow pace. The great thing about this software is that the slowed down song stays in the same pitch. It doesn't playback at lower pitches so you can easily learn difficult guitar riffs. Shown below are some screenshots of the Riffmaster Pro:


    These are some of the options the Riffmaster Pro offers:

    • Slow down music to a pace you can play Without changing the pitch
    • Slow down Mp3, slow down Wav, wma, Mp4 , Ogg Vorbis and AFF files directly from your computer
    • Loop feature allows you to play any Riff or phrase over and over
    • Zoom right into the wave allows You to find the phrase you want to work on(down to the note)
    • EQ feature allows you to save your own user settings
    • Will slow down an entire song so you can play along at your pace.
    • Change the key of a music file for convenience without changing the tempo (no need to re-tune your Guitar)
    • Rip audio directly off a cd & save as mp3 or wav.
    • Save a slowed down loop for training purposes
    • Transcribe music of any song (tab or transcribe what you hear)


    This training software package is top notch and is geared towards learning all aspects of guitar riffs. Click Here for more information on the Riffmaster Pro

  6. Learn 2 Shred

    Learn 2 Shred

    Learn 2 Shred makes a great gift for guitar players who are trying to increase their speed and skill. This learning package teaches you step by step some of these skills:

    • Speed picking
    • Technique training
    • Speed development
    • Improving hammer ons
    • Improving bends
    • Improving pull offs
    • Improving slides
    • Improving vibrato

    CLICK HERE for more information on the Learn 2 Shred package.

  7. Gift Certificates and Cards

    The next gift option for a guitar player is a Guitar Gift Certificate or Guitar Gift Card. This might be the ideal option if you are unsure of the skill level of the guitar player. It lets them pick out exactly what they want. There are many music stores that offer gift certificates and the most reliable one is Guitar Center. Click the link below check out the gift certificate options.

    Guitar Center Gift Certificate
    CLICK HERE to get a Guitar Center Gift Card

  8. Guitar Center Gift Selector

    Not sure what type of gift to buy a guitar player? Try the gift finder below. It will bring up great ideas from the Guitar Center site.

  9. Beginner Acoustic Guitar Package

    Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic Player Pack

    Beginner Acoustic Guitar Package
    Click Image For More Detailed Information

    This is one of the ultimate beginner kits. It comes with everything you need such as:

    • Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar Course (Expanded Edition)
    • Epiphone's PR-4E Jumbo-sized acoustic/electric guitar with onboard electronics
    • Vintage styled acoustic guitar amp with volume and tone controls
    • Durable gig bag
    • picks, strap, and extra strings

    CLICK HERE TO ORDER the Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic Guitar Player Pack

  10. Beginner Electric Guitar Package

    Epiphone Special II Electric Player Pack

    Beginner Electric Guitar Package
    Click Image For More Detailed Information

    This is one of the best beginner electric guitar kits. It comes with everything you need such as:

    • Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar Course (Expanded Edition)
    • Epiphone's Special-II solidbody Ebony electric guitar with 2 humbucking pickups.
    • Studio 10 amplifier
    • Durable gig bag
    • picks, strap, and tuner

    CLICK HERE TO ORDER the Epiphone Special II Electric Guitar Player Pack

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