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Acoustic, Electric And Bass Guitars

Acoustic guitars are a type of guitar that have a hollow body and are usually made of wood. They can have nylon or steel strings that hover over the hole on the body of the guitar. The vibrations from the strings make the produce the sound.

The most common type of acoustic guitar has six strings and the strings are tuned to E, A, D, G, B, E. Some other types of acoustic guitars are 12-String and Classical.

To see all the basic acoustic guitar parts CLICK HERE


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Popular Types Of Acoustic Guitars (click here for more details):

  • Acoustic Guitar Packages
  • 6-String Acoustic Guitars
  • 12-String Acoustic Guitars
  • Left Handed Acoustic Guitars
  • Small Acoustic Guitars
  • Travel Acoustic Guitars
  • Classical Acoustic Guitars

Electric Guitars

An electric guitar is a stringed instrument that is usually made of wood and meant to be played with amplification. The guitar works by using pickups that are located on the main body and underneath the strings. Sound is generated when the strings are vibrated over the pickups. The pickups work with magnets and once the strings are vibrated, it will send the impulse frequency to an amplifier. Click Here if you want to see the electric guitar parts in greater detail.

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Popular Types Of Electric Guitars (click here for more details):

  • Electric Guitar Starter Packages
  • 6-String Electric Guitars
  • 12-String Electric Guitars
  • Left Handed Electric Guitars
  • 7-String or more Electric Guitars
  • Silent Guitars

Bass Guitars

An electric bass guitar is another stringed instrument that operates like the standard electric guitar except that it usually has four strings (E, A, D, and G). In addition the strings are thicker and the sound is deeper and booming.

Also, there are a variety of ways you can play the bass guitar such as using your thumb and fingers, slapping the strings with your thumb or simply by using a pick.

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Popular Types Of Bass Guitars (click here for more details):

  • Bass Guitar Starter Packages
  • 4-String Bass Guitars
  • Acoustic Bass Guitars
  • Left Handed Bass Guitars
  • 5-String or More Electric Bass Guitars
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