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Training your ears for perfect pitch can be very beneficial in many ways. To begin with, learning pure pitch can help you overcome many different obstacles while learning the guitar. Some beneficial aspects are:

Ear training for the guitar is also a great way to gain more advanced guitar skills. If you are currently tone deaf, learning pure pitch can vastly improve the way you play guitar as well as hear music.

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Once you start to gain some of these basic skills, you will notice a vast improvement in every aspect of your listening comprehension and guitar playing. You will be able to:

  • Identify Individual Notes
  • Differentiate Chords
  • Quickly Know What Scales To Use
  • Feel Confident In What You Are Playing
  • Easily Be Able To Switch And Play In Different Keys

Types Of Pitch

When talking about pitch in music, the two most common types are Absolute Pitch (also known as perfect pitch) and Relative Pitch. Absolute pitch is pretty much what the word says - it is being able to know a musical tone and having the ability to correctly distinguish that tone with accurate precision and without any external references.

An example of absolute pitch would be to hear a specific note and correctly identify that note instantly.

Relative pitch is the other type of pitch that is the most common type that deals with intervals. With relative pitch, a musician is able to distinguish the intervals between tones.

Practice is the key to learning perfect or pure pitch

Ear training for the guitar is definitely not an overnight process. You must put fourth the effort and time in order to learn perfect pitch.

An easy and basic exercise to do would be to have somebody play a random note on a guitar and then you try to pinpoint what that note is. Keep doing this over and over so that your ear gets used to hearing the notes.

After constant repetition, you will soon be able to pick out certain notes and remember them. Some notes will stand out to you more than others. This is a good sign and a good basic step to begin ear training.

This may seem like a tedious exercise, but once you begin and get used to hearing the notes this way, it gets easier to distinguish them over time.

As you can see this type of skill can be very beneficial to any guitar player or musician. To be able to distinguish and know the actual sound of notes can help you in many situations to become a better musician and guitar player.

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