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Why Play Guitar?

The guitar is an instrument which has been around for centuries. The guitar was thought to have originated from an ancient Roman instrument. It has developed and modernized since then. However, it has not drastically changed - apart from minor body structure - the strings and the method of playing has remained the same.

The first electric guitar came about in the 1930s and quickly became very popular and still remains so today. It gave the guitar a whole new sound and different way of playing. It is strummed more violently and is much louder than an acoustic guitar.

If you enjoy sociable activities like playing Rock Band in a group, then you are sure to enjoy the social life that the guitar can bring you. The acoustic guitar is easy to just get out and play. Soon enough, everyone will join in with the singing. Whereas the electric guitar suits a rock and roll sound. Musicians play with passion and enthusiasm as loud as possible which gives you a real feel good factor.

Before you start to learn the guitar, you have the choice of what style to play. There are many types you can learn such as blues, classical or rock guitar. Each have their own unique sound to suit your music preference.

The easiest way to learn the guitar is picking one up and memorizing a few basic chords This will train your fingers to get used to the tough strings - which will hurt to begin with - and it will help you practice changing chords quickly. Your fingers are not yet tough enough to comfortably play the strings but the more you play, the thicker your skin becomes which will make it much easier.

The guitar has brought out some of the greatest rock legends of our time; Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Dylan and many more.

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